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We offer premium quality dissertation / thesis consultancy services.

We have PhD experts in all subjects

We provide consultation on all stages of dissertation writing including:
  • Topic selection/Proposal
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Data Analysis and Results
  • Conclusion and recommendations

Is the pressure for writing a dissertation too much to bear? Do you feel that you are not sure of the most appropriate dissertation topic? Are you finding it difficult to choose the most appropriate dissertation research design? Is dissertation statistical analysis too difficult? Are you finding it difficult to make credible dissertation discussion or dissertation conclusion? Then, hire our dissertation consultants now. We have a team of committed dissertation consultation service providers always at your services. Our experts will guide you through the dissertation writing process step by step.

Dissertation Proposal:

Dissertation topic is the emblem of your dissertation. It makes or breaks the dissertation. If you cannot identify the most appropriate topic and narrow it down, the hire our experts. We provide consultancy in every aspect of dissertation proposal including a statement of dissertation problem, background of the problem, the significance of the study, and a detailed description of the dissertation chapters.

Dissertation Introduction:

Our dissertation consultancy experts will help you writing persuasive dissertation introduction including the introduction, background of the study, statement of the dissertation problem, hypothesis of research questions, dissertation theoretical/conceptual framework, dissertation definitions, dissertation scope, limitations and delimitations, and the ethical considerations.

Literature review:

Our dissertation consultancy experts will help you with the dissertation topic historical overview, choice of the current findings & research variables, analysis of credible articles, identification of dissertation research gap, and chapter conclusion and summary.

Dissertation research design/methodology:

The methodology is the engine that drives the dissertation. Our consultants will help you with the introduction paragraph, dissertation philosophy, dissertation research method and design, dissertation sampling and data collection procedures, dissertation data analysis process, and dissertation ethical considerations.

Dissertation data analysis and results:

Whether you are using quantitative or qualitative research design, our experts are competent with both dissertation analysis styles. Our experts will help you summarize the data collected, analyze it, and display the results.

Dissertation Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations:

Our experts will help tie your dissertation together into a convincing discussion, make conclusions from the dissertation, and make recommendations.